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Grooming Gift Pack

Create the perfect style, texture and definition with the Grooming Gift Pack.

How it works

The ultimate styling gift set for all image conscious gents in search of originality, texture and definition. Completely cruelty-free.

1 x Grooming Tonic 300ml
1 x Shave Spray 250ml
2 x Limited Edition Clay Wax 100ml

How to apply

Grooming Tonic: Apply a small amount to the hair and massage well into the scalp to stimulate and cleanse. Can be used throughout the day to help refresh your style.

Shave Spray: Spritz Shave Spray into palms or directly on to the area to be shaved and lightly massage. Proceed with shaving. Wipe off any residue.

Limited Edition Clay Wax: Massage the desired amount thoroughly throughout wet or dry hair. Work to style.

Suited to

Suitable for all hair types.