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Blonde Elevation Colour Additives Starter Kit

Highly concentrated Colour Additives in red, blue, green and violet to neutralise unwanted tones.

How it works

OSMO IKON® Bespoke Colour Additives are a collection of multi-use neutralising solutions suitable for use with any lightening formulas. With no compromise on development time, these highly concentrated pigments help deliver the perfect super-clean base for all your colouring treatments. Contains 50ml red (green tone neutraliser), 50ml blue (orange tone neutraliser), 50ml green (red tone neutraliser) and 50ml violet (yellow tone neutraliser) additive bottles. Completely cruelty-free. 100% vegan friendly.

How to apply

3 pumps of Bespoke Colour Additive to 10g of bleach powder. Add 30ml of developer and mix well. Apply directly to dry hair. Process as normal. Rinse thoroughly.

Suited to

For professional use only.