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Premium Violet Bleach 9+ With Bond Builder

Violet infused premium high level, dust-free bleach to banish unwanted yellow tones.

How it works

OSMO IKON® Premium Violet Lightening Powder 9+ is a premium high level, dust-free bleach delivering up to an incredible 9+ levels of lift. This violet infused formula helps banish unwanted yellow tones for the cleanest possible results, whilst maintaining the hair's best condition. 100% Vegan Friendly. Completely cruelty-free.

How to apply

Mix 1 scoop of bleach powder into a non-metallic bowl and gradually add between 45ml-70ml of developer depending on the consistency required. Mix to a smooth paste with a non-metallic application brush. Apply to dry hair. Process for 20-60 minutes depending on the developer and the hair. Check the hair regularly and wash off paste when the desired effect is achieved. Remove the paste immediately if the client's hair or scalp shows signs of damage.

Suited to

For professional use only.