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Power Lift Bleach Blue

Vegan friendly, dust-free blue bleach to use for lightening and full head bleaching.

How it works

Available in white or blue, Power Lift Bleach is easy to mix and simple to apply. Suitable for lightening and full head bleaching, the quick lifting formula can lighten up to 7 levels. 100% vegan friendly. Completely cruelty-free.

How to apply

Using the scoop provided, mix 1 part OSMO IKON® Power Lift Bleach with 2 parts OSMO IKON® Cream Developer 20 or 30 Vol (depending on the level of lightening required) – 40 Vol may be used on extra lift or base shades. Mix carefully until a creamy consistency is achieved. Apply the product immediately to dry hair. Development time depends on the condition of the hair and the level of lift required. Check hair regularly throughout the development time to avoid over-processing. Do not exceed 40 minutes. When highlighting – do not let product run onto the scalp. Do not use metal clips. Rinse hair thoroughly with lukewarm water when the desired lift is achieved. Shampoo and condition as normal.

Suited to

For professional use only.